The film's inspiration comes from the song Dear Joan, by singer/songwriter Rob Thomas. "One day I was driving in my car listening to the song and it hit me. The depth and sorrow of the character in the song as he tries to reconcile his mistreatment of Joan. Originally we wrote the story from his perspective again and then realized that it was Joan's turn to have a voice. Joan's Song is the answer to the lyrics." -Val Frazee

Throughout the history of filmmaking, women are underrepresented on the big screen. One of the core values of our production team is to highlight women's voice and women's stories.

Written, directed, and produced primarily by women, the production team of Joan's Song strives to highlight the women in these central roles of storytelling through film. Women have stories to tell and it is time to even the bar.

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Director Natasha Straley goes over the script with the actors
Test shoot for the film. Officers Mitch and Steph approach the door to Joan's house.
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